The Reality of HTML5 and How it Affects Mobile

By Martin Wilson

Yesterday at the Mobile Summit 2011 in London, run by The Retail Bulletin, there were many references to HTML5 and seemingly how it is the future of mobile.

What does it actually mean for organisations looking to implement a mobile strategy?

This is a great presentation given by James Pearce at the recent Emerging Communications Conference, in the US.  I could not agree more with a statement James makes towards the end “‘It is not about Apps vs Web technologies, it is about apps built with web technologies”.

The reality of HTML5 and how it affects mobile

HTML5 presents an opportunity for many organisations. In my eyes the challenge for many is to understand how you can take advantage, how you can use mobile to engage customers and deliver a great customer experience – without getting embroiled in the technology buzz and hype of mobile. At the end of the day, the consumer typically does not care about the technology they just want it to work and work well.

I encourage all organisations that are looking to develop a mobile strategy to view the presentation, then get intouch to see how we believe you can deliver the best value from mobile.







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